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With these boots ...
The Pau Hash House Harriers run family friendly hashes once a month in the Béarn and the Pays Basque. They are called family friendly because it is for drinkers with a running or walking problem, as rumour reaches us from far off reaches that some people insist that everyone runs and apart from a few maniacs the main running in this hash is this ridiculous sentence...

Hash Trash for the last hash is at the bottom of this page! Also see news from an old hasher and the HASH WEB RING


DATE: 14 February 1999: St Valentine's Hash
WHERE: L'Hôpital St Blaise
TIME: 14:45 .Plan on about 40 minutes from Pau.

HARES: Pinocchio, Homo Amo Beerus

Go south to Oloron Ste Marie. Take the D936 direction Bayonne. After 10kms or so turn left on the D25 to L'Hôpital St Blaise. Approx 1.5 kms further on turn right on the road signposted Moncayolle, and which is marked closed because somebody's fesses have collapsed. A Hindlegs kilometre or so further on, and before you fall off the end of the road, is the hash site.

For those of a romantic bent who want to save their loved ones from doing the Sunday lunch there are a couple of passable restaurants in L'Hôpital St Blaise.

As Always there will be HHH signs. Of course.



14 February Pinnochio to be announced
(Valentine hash)

14 March Hare needed to be announced
11 April Hare Needed to be announced

The new mismanagers are now:

Grand mistress and master; Joanne 'forelegs' Hindlets and Ray 'Coonass'
Religious Advisor; Neal 'Let's go party Ken' Coots
On sec (pronounced on sex): David 'Rolls Rice' Whittock
Beer meister: Michel 'On We cat' Rapin
Hash Bash: Malou 'Toujours Prête' Higginson
Hash netwankers: Francois 'Hindlegs' hindlets and Paul 'Homo amo beerus' Williams).

Now we are on the Internet we receive occasional news of other hashes. These will be put here.


Why you ask??
3 - 300th run of the HELsinki Hash House Harriers & Harriettes +
O - Iceholes: 2nd Annual International Hole-in-the-Ice Hash +
O - Moons: 1st Full Moon Hash ever in Helsinki (Friday 19th)

Dear Hasher,
just a quick note to invite you and the members of your hash to the most
unusual hash weekend in the world.
It is the 2nd Annual International Helsinki Hole-in-the-Ice + 300th run +
1st Full Moonless Hash weekender 19th to 21st February 1999.

Want to live forever? No? Then come to Hash Heaven luxury room,
dinner/breakfast, Irish Band, saunas, ice-holes, indoor swimming pool, runs,
etc etc + ALL THE BEER you can drink!! And yes jumping into a hole in the
ice see our web page http://www.sci.fi/~outi/icehole.htm.

FRIDAY 19 February
Out of town visitors arrive and are shown to hash accommodation 1900 1st
Full Moon Hash (basically a Pub Crawl with indecent exposure)

SATURDAY 20 February
1100 DEPART Helsinki for the Lake Hotel
1200ARRIVE & Check In
1400 Run in virgin snow, 1500 Circle
1530-1730, Sauna/Hole-In-Ice
1930 Dinner
2030 Party on dudes + Hash skits + Irish Band.

SUNDAY 21 February
0900-1030 Breakfast
1100 Hangover Run
1200-1330 Circle / Sauna

Payment Details:
Account Details Hash Cash H5 Account 800022 - 32557628
Account Holders Name: Anne Aho-Eagling/H5
Cost per hasher: 650 FIM - (about 110 EURO)

The items included are:
Hotel for Saturday. Food for Saturday, brunch/lunch after the run and real
sit-down evening meal. LIVE (initially anyway) Irish Band Saturday night.
Sunday breakfast and after run stuff All transport from town to Hotel and
back (at arranged times) ALL BEER, Tee Shirt, Goody bag, saunas, indoor
swimming pool.

Not Included:
Transport from Airport to Helsinki centre Hotel for Friday (but plenty of
rooms available in willing local hashers homes 30+places still available)
Beer on Friday pub crawl (Hash is investigating sponsorship/vouchers and
discount) Bail charges Dry cleaning Kidnap ransom from Mafia/hells angels or
banditos, Doctors bills, pneumonia, or lost bits from the hole in the ice.

Contact Details:
Contact numbers and booking details will be announced on the Helsinki Hash
Web page:

rob.basford@sci.fi Rob "Big Balls" Basford
+358 (0)500 444400

InterScandi InterGalactic 1999

Aarhus HHH (that's in Denmark!) hosts the 1999 InterScandi from July 30th to August 1st 1999. Hashers everywhere - including, but certainly not limited to, Scandinavia - are more than welcome to participate.

Our request to temporarily move the famous "Area 51" to Aarhus for the
week-end has been granted, providing us with a suitable theme.

Interested ?? Check it out or mail us at.: is99@alphatech.dk.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

InterScandi Mismanagement & Aarhus HHH


Hash Trash Run No. 127
Hares: Coonass and DougieMc 15 Nov. Bois de Sauvagnon
and Run 128
Hares: Hindlegs and LittleLegs 13 Dec 1998. Bois de Laring

The hash Scribe has had writers block for awhile now and canıt seem to
get it up or motivated to put out. He needs your help once again. Itıs
just that the runs havnıt been really wet, cold, rough, tough, boring
and dirty enough. No hash scandels (imagined or not real) to write
about and the beer has been cold. You just canıt get your dandruff up on
anything these days. Canıt some hasher do something lewd and lascivious
once in a while or is it all used up by our buddy Bill.
This last hash we tried to make it more interesting by having a whole
crowd of real hunters stalking the run with shotguns and wild boar
rifles and special orders to shoot shortcutters and complainers. But
the weather was too nice, the view too distracting for anyone to want to
shortcut or complain. The hunters all left disgruntled and frustrated
without even a small fury cute animal (or ugly hairy Hare) strapped
across their car hoods.

Thank goodness for the few hashers that were caught transgressing the
unwritten and completely fictitious hash rules giving us the chance to
punish them with vigor.

Down Downs Hash 127:
Soggy Wall Paper for not having rain on this hash, They call Mel for
impersonating an On On spot with flour on his face, Tulip, GungaDin and
Letıs go Party Ken for making hashing fun and the shortcutters Letıs go
.., Homo Amo Beerus and Hot Lips.

Christenings- Debbie 'L.A. Tail' Duthil
Paul 'Homo Amo Beerus' Willaims
Returnees - Paula
Virgin hashers-Geof, Carolyn, and Davis

Down Downs Hash 128 :
Run Forest Run for crossing false trails, Arnaud for wearing white
trousers on a hash, Hindlegs for bad T-Shirt etiquette, Coonass, and
Rolls Rice for impersonating Santa

Christening- Caroline 'GungaDinı Troy
Returnees - Hervé , Dider and Sally
Virgins-Arnaud, Sylvain, Marline

Thereıs been a serious neglect concerning down downs to the hasher(s)
responsable for making all these virgins come. Letıs take care of this
breech in tradition for the next hash.

You can E-mail the organisers of the Pau HHH by using the comments box below

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