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There are 28 golf courses in or near the area covered by this site. The greens and fairways are permanently green, the soil base of varying mixtures of rock, blue clay and sand all retain and trap the moisture throughout the year (unlike the regions of Provence and southern Spain which can be dry and arid), and most of the courses here are adjacent to the large rivers which flow through the departments. The rest is just good grounds management.

Many courses have electric buggies, club houses and putting greens. All are playable 52 weeks a year because of the mild climate, though after heavy rain t.hey can get a bit muddy. There are courses for beginners, courses for long handicappers and challenging courses for the experienced golfer. Green fees have become reasonable in recent years. Most courses charge more at weekends and during the tourist season (generally July and August).

The South West of France has a long tradition of golf playing, the course PAU - BILLERE (15 on the map) being the oldest club in contental Europe, created for and by the British Army in 1856.

We at 123VOYAGE do not have enough time to play golf, alas, so we would like to hear what you think of the various golf clubs so that we can update this part of the guide with more details of the courses.

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Towns - Golf

Auch. Very pleasant city and capital of the Gers
Golf 18 hole (22 on the map). 18holes 68par 5875m VIEWS OF PYRENEES.
Golf 18 hole (18 on the map). 18holes 70par 5920m VIEWS OF PYRENEES
Bayonne. Large city and port on the mouth of the Adour
Golf at Chiberta (no 6 on map). GOLF DE ANGLET CHIBERTA
18 holes 71 par 5650m COASTAL. Green fees: 240F - 320F
Biarritz. Major tourist centre on the Basque coast with English connections
Golf 18 hole (7 on the map) and Bassussary (3). GOLF DE BIARRITZ LE PHARE
18 holes 69 par 5376m COASTAL Green fees: 220F - 300F
A beautiful course much appreciated by visitors which provides some challenging holes.

MAKILA GOLF CLUB, Bassussarry, Biarritz
18 holes 72 par 6176m WOODED Green fees: 220F - 300F
Bidart. Basque coastal resort
9 hole course at International training centre. GOLF D'ILBARRITZ
9 holes 32par 2176m COASTAL Green fees: 100F - 150F
Eauze. A capital of the Armagnac area
Golf 18 hole (24 on the map). 18 holes 71 par 5535m VIEWS OF PYRENEES.
Espelette. Basque town renowned for its peppers
Golf 9 hole in nearby Souraide (8 on the map). GOLF RUSTIQUE EPHERRA
9 holes 34 par 2400m VIEWS OF PYRENEES. Green fees: 70F
9 holes at Bahus Soubiran. GOLF DU TURSAN
9 holes 35 par 2731m WOODED Green fees: 100F - 150F
Fleurance. Old but busy bastide town
2 9 hole courses, no 25 on map. 2X9 holes 70 par in total 5702m
Hossegor. Landes holiday centre once beloved of the French arty set
Golf 18 hole (9 on the map) and Seignosse (10). GOLF CLUB D'HOSSEGOR
18 holes 72 par 6001m WOODED. Green fees: 210F - 340F

18 holes 72 par 6124m WOODED. Green fees: 200F - 330F
Golf 9 hole (26 on the map). 9 holes 35 par 2800m
Golf 18 hole (21 on the map). 18 holes 70 par 5872m VIEWS OF PYRENEES.
18 hole golf course (14 on the map). SCOTTISH GOLF D'AUBERTIN
18 holes 68 par 5300m WOODED and HILLY Green fees 100F - 120F.
Lourdes. Major centre for Catholic pilgrims throughout the world.
Golf 18 hole around lake (17 on the map). 18 holes 70 par 5676m VIEWS OF PYRENEES.
Golf 2x9 hole (23 on the map). 9x2 holes 72 par 6050m VIEWS OF PYRENEES.
Moliets. Typical neat Landes coastal resort
Golf 9 hole and 18 hole (12 on the map). GOLF DE MOLIETS
18 holes 72 par 6172m WOODED and COASTAL. Green fees: 240F - 310F
9 holes 31 par 1905m WOODED and COASTAL.
Golf 18 hole (27 on the map). GOLF DE MONT DE MARSAN
18 holes 71 par 5944m WOODED. Green fees: 180F
Pau. Elegant city heavily influenced by the British, now capital of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques
Golf Two 18 hole courses (15 and 16 on the map). PAU GOLF CLUB, the first golf course in mainland Europe
18 holes 69 par 5312m WOODED Green fees 200F - 250F
The course includes a couple of drives across the Gave de Pau, where it is not so easy to recuperate your balls! One of the most magnificent courses in France and, of course, full of history as well as challenge.

18 holes 71 par 6063m WOODED Green fees 190F - 235F.
Saint Jean-de-Luz. Most important Basque fishing port
Golf 18 hole (2 on map) and another 18 hole in Ciboure (1 on map). GOLF DE LA NIVELLE, Ciboure
18 holes 70 par 5587m WOODED. Green fees: 220F - 320F

18 holes 70 par 5722m WOODED. Green fees: 260F - 340F
Salies-de-Béarn. Spa town known as the Venice of the Béarn
Golf 12 hole (13 on the map). GOLF DE SALIES
12 holes 67 par 5025m Green fees: 100F - 120F
You play the first five holes and then the last one again for an 18 hole round. A very pleasant if not particularly challenging course.
Soustons. Largest town in the Marensin on a large and beautiful lake
Golf 9 hole (11 on map). GOLF DE PINSOLLE
9 holes 27 par 950m WOODED. Green fees: 65F - 90F
Golf 18 and Golf 2x9 holes (19 and 20 on the map). TARBES 18 holes 70 par 5070m VIEWS OF PYRENEES.
LALOUBERE 9x2 holes 72 par 5640m VIEWS OF PYRENEES.
18 hole Golf course at nearby Arcangues. GOLF D'ARCANGUES
18 holes 72 par 6092m VIEWS PYRENEES. Green fees 230F - 300F

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