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Towns - Historic remains

Newport. The true capital of the Isle of Wight
Inside the Roman villa
The Roman Villa. In Cypress Road, Newport, this well preserved Roman villa dates from the 3rd century and contains hot and cold baths and some very accurately reconstructed rooms.
Portsmouth. This great seafaring town became a city in 1927. It has always been associated with the Royal Navy.
'HMS Victory'
'HMS Victory'. Extensively restored, HMS Victory is a jewel sitting in dry docks in the Royal Naval Dockyard. She is a striking testimony of life at sea in the reign of George III . Most of all, she was Admiral Nelson's flagship at the battle of Trafalgar when she flew the famous signal:
" England expects that every man should do his duty"
before fronting the French and Spanish fleets.

Visiting HMS Victory is an emotional experience, particularly when shown where Nelson fell, hit by a bullet, and the place where he lay dying and allegedly pronounce his famous last words:"Kiss me Hardy".
Here aboard Victory, as aboard Warrior, a very knowledgeable Navy guide will show you every part of the ship and astonish you with tales of life at sea.
The Mary Rose
The Mary Rose. Stepping further back in time after a visit to HMS Warrior and HMS Victory, a visit to the Mary Rose is a breathtaking experience.
Since its rescue in 1982 from its watery resting place in the Solent where she sank in 1545, the Mary Rose has been carefully nurtured and reconstructed and presents a truly wonderful picture of naval technology in Tudor times.
Many objects and artefacts were also recovered during the long salvage operation and are now displayed in a fascinating exhibition.

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