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Sights in Carisbrooke
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Carisbrooke Village

Many people come to Carisbrooke to visit Carisbrooke Castle, but the village deserves a little stroll.


Things to see in Carisbrooke

Carisbrooke Castle Monuments and buildings
The Gatehouse
I do not think I shall ever see a ruin to surpass Carisbrooke Castle (Keats)

Carisbrooke Castle rivals in popularity with Osborne House. It is a mighty ancient fortress started by the Normans in the 12th century. A 1925 discovery revealed that Carisbrooke Castle may have in fact been built on the site of a Roman fort. Throughout the centuries, the original Norman fortress was extended and altered up until Elizabethan times and acquired its full importance in the reign of King Charles I.

The massive Gatehouse with its 15th century wooden gates leads into the base Court with its green lawns and ramparts walk.
71 steps take you to the Keep, the most ancient part of the Castle. Built on amanmade mound, the Keep of Carisbrooke Castle is the most perfect specimen of a Norman keep still standing. The view from the parapet onto the surrounding countryside is splendid.

Charles I was imprisoned at Carisbrooke Castle whence he tried to escape twice. His appartments are open to the public.
The castle Museum has a wealth of ancient manuscripts and some Stuart relics transferred there by Queen Victoria from Windsor.
Other interesting features of the Castle that can be visited are the Well House, which unsurprisingly houses the Castle well, dug some 161feet deep in 1150, and the Chapel of Saint Nicholas in Castro, used as the Isle of Wight War Memorial.

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