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Salisbury Cathedral. Salisbury cathedral is a 13th century cathedral with the tallest spire in England, reaching 404 feet. The interior is notable for its natural light, and its library, which contains an original copy of the Magna Carta.
Bath. Elegant Georgian city and one of Britain's most popular tourist destinations.
Bath Abbey. The history of Bath Abbey reflects the vicissitudes of religious life in England. In 676 the first religious structure was built, a monastry using the stone from Roman ruins. The first king of all England, Edgar, was crowned in the monastry's abbey .

The abbey was replaced by a large Roman style priory in 1090. This dominated the sky-line for a couple of centuries but by 1499 it lay in ruins, neglected by the small and demoralised group of monks that lived there. Oliver King started to rebuild it but Henry VIII, following his row with Rome, put a stop to it in 1539 before a roof could be erected . It was not until 1617 that the present building was completed.
Forde Abbey & Gardens. Cistercian monastery filled with treasures, surrounded by 30 acres of carefully tended gardens.
Prinknash Abbey. Prinknash Abbey is the home of the Benedictine Roman Catholic Community which welcomes you onto its grounds. We hope that you will learn more about monastic life during your visit. To include prinknash pottery
Tewkesbury Abbey. A former Benedictine Abbey Church consecrated in 1112, reputed to be the second largest parish church in England.
Buckfast Abbey. The abbey is the home of Benedictine monks. The first monastery was founded in 1018, but was suppressed by Henry VIII in 1539, and refounded in 1882. Buckfast now welcomes almost 1/2 million visitors each year.
Exeter Cathedral. For centuries Exeter has been dominated by its Cathedral with the two massive Norman towers and its West Front decorated with sculptures of kings, saints and angels.The cathedral was built on the camp of the Roman Army's II Augustan Legion. There is archaeological evidence to suggest that the site has been used for Christian worship since the 5th century.
Glastonbury Abbey.
Gloucester Cathedral. Founded in the 11th Century, the cathedral features Norman pillars in the Nave, the elaborate tomb of edward ll, exquisite 14th Century fan vaulted cloisters, the magnificent 15th Century Tower and the East window, the largest in England
Wells. Emgland's smallest city.
Wells Cathedral. The cathedral has a number of unusual features, including a wonderful wooden mechanical clock.

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