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123VOYAGE's first guide, on South West France has proved a hit with tourists, researchers and anyone with an interest in the area. Today (2002) we average 50,000 to 80,000 hits per month.

People use it to plan their own personal holiday guide, downloading and printing dozens of pages on their favourite towns and leisure activities. Why?

We know the big trouble with the Internet is that there may be masses of information available on all the topics under the sun - but finding it quickly and easily is another matter. And while many a tourist attraction has its own web site, if the internaut does not know about it he will not be looking for it and the chances of coming across it by chance are slim.

That's why 123VOYAGE is such a success. Because visitors can explore an area virtually before they have set foot on plane or train. And they can find out all about the area without leaving the site, even discovering things they had never thought of! Thanks to our database-driven system there are hundreds of pages for the virtual explorer to surf through.

A 123VOYAGE site is the ideal way of presenting an area. And we are ready to create one for you!

With copy written by professional journalists and photographs taken by professional photographers, you can have a 123VOYAGE site up and running for your area in a couple of months - making sure that you present you area in the best possible way for your potential visitors.

To discuss your needs just fill in the form below and send it off, or ring Paul Williams in France on (+33) (0) 5 59 38 95 11.

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